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Best Cardiology Hospital in Trichy

Cardiology Hospital in Trichy

Best Cardiology Hospital in Trichy – In today’s society, there are various heart-related problems which are collectively called heart disease. It is always best to know your heart condition from a cardiologist who can advise you on the correct diagnosis and name of your heart condition and treatment plan.

Heart disease affects the ability of the heart to function efficiently in a variety of conditions.

Heart Specialist in Trichy

Diagnosing heart disease can be confusing and confusing, so I am sharing information about the best cardiology hospital in Trichy.

1. KMC Hospital Trichy – Cardiac Care

If you search best cardiac care treatment in Trichy definitely Kauvery hospital is awarded No.1 cardiology hospital in Trichy amongst people

Vision and Mission

  • Always looking to make our operations more efficient
  • Exploring innovative and smart ways of reducing costs, without compromising on quality
  • Knowing what is happening in the outside world, so we can implement practices that will make us more efficient
  • Driving efforts to make small improvements in our daily work
the link shows the complete list of kmc hospital trichy cardiologists

Phone number – 91 8056288833
Emergency service –
Mail –
Web –

2. Apollo Speciality Hospitals Trichy

Apollo Cardiology Department

Apollo Hospitals is one of the premier institutes for cardiac care in Trichy, India. We offer a holistic approach to recovery for all our patients. Our services range from diagnostic to therapeutic aspects for heart health. We provide the highest quality of care to patients of all ages.

Our facilities include the most advanced and specialized invasive as well as non-invasive tools. The Centre has a modern cath lab, dedicated operation theatres, and intensive care units.

Phone number – 04316607777
Apollo Lifeline – 1860 500 1066
Address – Chennai Bypass Road Ariyamangalam Area, Old Palpannai, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620010
Emergency – 1066
Doctors list – the complete list of cardiologists in Apollo Speciality Hospital cardiologist

3. Rana Hospital

Cardiology Department

Rana Hospital Hospital is aimed to give quality Cardiac Care at a very affordable cost within reach to any sector of people. Run by two efficient Interventional Cardiologists trained to handle any complex Cardiac cases backed by strong Intensivist care.

One of the very few hospitals in Trichy with 24 x 7 Cardiac care with facilities to treat Heart attack, Rhythm Disorders, Valvular Heart Disease, and Heart failure.

Web –
Mobile number – +91 8754329417

4. Aegan Medical Centre – Heart Specialist in Trichy

Vision and Mission

Aegan Medical Centre provide comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic services to the residents of Trichy. We consider the trusting relationship that develops between a patient and the doctor a valuable asset in achieving the common goal of wellness.

Phone number – 0431-2541273 / 2543732
Address – 15A /20A1 ,5th Cross Street, Paramasivapuram, Lalgudi, Trichy – 621601

5. GVN Multispecialty Hospital

GVN Hospital (P) Ltd., a trustworthy name in healthcare in Trichy, to provide that Cardiac care (Cardiology) Treatment for patients the highest quality care in comfortable environment.

Cardiology Hospital in Trichy – We have been treating patients for over ‘79 years‘ and have a nation-wide reputation for excellence in healthcare services. Reach One more milestone, opening in department of Cardiology “Cath-lab” in Trichy.

We specializes in caring for the cardiovascular system, the heart and blood vessels diagnosing, heart problems, prescribing medication, conducting medical procedures related to the heart, and give health advices to patients.

Phone number – 0431 – 2705979 | 2700811
Fax – 0431 – 4010000
Mail –
Web – GVN Hospital Cardiology Department
Address – No 46 Near Super Bazar Singarathope, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620008

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