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Frequently Asked Question

1 What is the purpose of TamilDB or தமிழ் களஞ்சியம்?
This is an attempt to make all the people in the Globe to know the Pride of the Tamil Language.

2. This is a good idea. Who thought of this?
First of all, I am a Tamil Lover and Basically i am a web developer. So i often surfing internet to know the details about Tamil. So i can plan to enthusiastic to start by myself and i attempt.

3. Is TamilDB a Team or Individual?
Yes, Of course it is created by Myself.

4. Do you got any Volunteers Support?
Yes, Actualy I support volunteers, When I was working in this page some volunteers support me part time. Named
Krishnakumar V (Yoga Teacher & IOS Developer)
Gurusamy G (Environmental Analyst)
Dr. Parvathy Ganesh M.A., M.Phil., Ph.d.,
Mrs. R Revathy Yuvaraj
Ajith R (Analytics Support)

5. How many days are you spend for this website?
It comes around 4 months.

6. Can viewers do the article and publish here?
Of course, if you wish to do New Article send it through my contact detail after verifying the article i made it live with your name.

7. I have a suggestion. Whom can I contact ?
Feel free to send Email to